Semalt: Awesome Web Scraping Tools To Extract Data

Web scraping tools, also known as web extraction or web harvesting tools, were developed to extract useful information from various sites and blogs.

In the course of this article, we are going to present you the top 10 web scraping tools ever: is known for its cutting-edge technology and is great for both programmers and non-programmers. This tool has its own dataset that makes it easy for you to access different web pages and export them to CSV. Hundreds to thousands of websites can be scrapped in no time with this tool, and you don't need to write any code, build 1000 APIs and perform other complicated tasks as does everything for you. This tool is great for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows and helps download and extract data and sync files online., also known as CloudScrape, provides us with lots of data scraping options. It helps scrape and download loads of data from any site without downloading it. It can extract real-time data, and you can export it as JSON, CSV or save to Google Drive and is another browser-based application that provides easy access to structured and organized data. This program can crawl massive amounts of data from different sources in one APIL and saves it in RSS, JSON, and XML formats.


Scrapinghub is the cloud-based program that helps extract data without any issue. It uses a proxy rotator known as Crawlera to crawler via bot protected websites. Scrapinghub can easily convert a whole website into an organized data, and its premium version will cost you $25 per month.

Visual Scraper:

Visual Scraper is a famous web data extraction tool that helps extract data from different sites. It exports data in different formats such as XML, JSON, CSV, and SQL.

Outwit Hub:

Outwit Hub is the Firefox add-on that simplifies our web search with its multiple data extraction options. This tool can automatically browse web pages and extract data in different formats.


Scraper is known for its unlimited data extraction features that can make your online research easier and faster. It exports your extracted data to the Google spreadsheets. Scraper is actually a freeware that can benefit both beginners and expert programmers. If you want to copy and paste the data to the clipboards, you should use this tool.

80 legs:

It is a strong and flexible web scraping tool. It can easily figure out which data is useful for you and your business and which is not. It helps extract and download a large amount of data and is good for sites like MailChimp and PayPal.


With Spinn3r, it is possible to fetch data from social media websites, personal blogs, and news outlets. You can get them saved in JSON format. Besides the regular extraction, this tool offers powerful spam protection and removes all malware and spam from your machine on a regular basis.